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Hight Speed Horizontal Knitting Machine

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Hight Speed Horizontal Knitting Machine

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  Hight Speed Horizontal Knitting Machine

  Hight speed horizontal knitting machine is used in the knitting rubber hoses reinforced layer construction.The diameters of the Reinforced layer construction range from φ10mm to φ60mm. It is applicable to the production of various pipes, special-shaped tube reinforcing layer, after curing, tube appearance, inner and outer layer of adhesive is strong, mesh uniform, simple operation, can adjust the speed, high speed, stable performance, with a broken wire disorder alarm device.

  Major Specification

Type Pin number Diameter range Maximum rotational speed Power
ZZJ-7 7 8~20mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-8 8 8~20mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-12 12 10~30mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-14 14 15~35mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-16 16 25~40mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-18 18 30~45mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-20 20 35~50mm 500r/m 4kw
ZZJ-24 24 40~60mm 500r/m 4kw


Hight Speed Horizontal Knitting Machine

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