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Pin Barrel Cold Feed Extruder Series

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Product features

Pin Barrel Cold Feed Extruder Series

Product Details

    Pin Barrel Cold Feed Extruder Series

  Pin barrle cold feed extruder is mainly used for extruding tread compound,sid wall rubber,rubber bead,rubberfor intermal layer rubber strap,rubber sheet rubbering,for comvever belt,rubber hose and feeding for calendars.

  The whole machine is comprisde of drivingunit,barrel,screw,  extruder head,heating and cooling unit,feed ruller control syster.The barrel with pints.These pins are buried into appropiate match in the screw.By the fuuction of pins,the cold feed extruder has advantages uniformity and stable discharge.

  Major Specification

Type 60 90 120
Diameter of screw stem 60mm 90mm 120mm
Ratio of length and diameter of screw stem 12/1 14/1 12/1 14/1 12/1 14/1
Maximun revolution of screw stem 50 50 50
Power of drive motor 22kw 45kw 55kw 75kw 90kw
Regulation range of rotation speed of motor 0~1500r.p.m 0~1500r.p.m 0~1500r.p.m
Maximum production capacity 180kg/h 350kg/h 750kg/h
Note Hard rack surface reduction box



Pin Barrel Cold Feed Extruder Series

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