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Single screw plastic extrude

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Single screw plastic extrude

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  Single screw plastic extrude

  Single screw plastic extrusion machine is mainly used for rubber and resin filling, blending, modification, chlorinated polypropylene, increase, and high water absorbing resin processing; degradable masterbatch, polyamide, polyurethane and poly condensation reaction extrusion; toner, powder granulation, cable insulation material, sheathing, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant PVC cable materials and a variety of silane cross-linked material preparation.At the same time as the main equipment and other equipment with the composition of production line, continuous production.

  Master cylinder using electric heating, cooling water automatic control of barrel temperature.Screw core can be water (oil) cooling, temperature control screw.A test head melting temperature melt pressure sensor.

  Water ring die surface hot, granulation auxiliaries, the rotary blade is driven by AC motor, variable frequency speed regulation.


Single screw plastic extrude

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